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The following is a true story that inspired our idea of becoming a producer of traditional tastes and producing natural & healthy drinks.

After visiting the Dolmabahçe Palace in İstanbul, a Spanish tourist wants to have a cold drink in the palace cafeteria. He calls a waiter to order. The waiter sorts the acidic/fizzy corn syrup drinks in the menu that are also found in the tourist's own country. After that, he asks "Doesn't the culture capable of building this magnificent palace have a special drink of its own?” with a reproachful voice, and he says that he wants to see the manager of the palace.

During his visit to the Palace, Mr. Ömer Kaya, founder of Makam Drinks, meets the manager who's being reproached by the tourist, and listens to the story from first-hand. During this conversation, he realizes that he doesn't know anything about our traditional drinks, which are the most important part of our traditional cuisine and as he deepens his research, he meets syrup and sherbets with an ocean of recipes. With the remorse of being a little late, he decides to bring these flavors back to people in accordance with the original. It brings these flavors that have been forgotten to life again under the brand names "MAKAM” and "Şerbetçi İbrahim Arif”.

The essence of these historical drinks has been preserved as much as possible. These Palace drinks - which are made from the miraculous fruits, plant roots, and seed of Anatolia - are not subjected to purification nor are subjected to a chemical process. Its naturalness has been preserved in healthy glass bottles by pasteurizing with its most beneficial aspect, and it has been restored to a pleasurable form that will appeal to your taste.

In parallel with this progress, the brand "Plantae” has been introduced, by considering today's tastes, as a natural and healthy brand of which its products are free from aspartame, glucose, corn syrup, artificial sweetener, food-coloring, and addictive substances.

You can enjoy our drinks with pleasure and confidence.

Makam Team

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